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Chinese Pinyin Featured Image
Chinese Pinyin Featured Image

Chinese Pinyin: Learn with 4 quizzes

Quiz 1: Vowels

Chinese pinyin is quite intuitive for English speakers. This is the first part. Start right here. Listen to the audio file and choose the correct answer.

If you are having a hard time, jump to the lesson and get more information. Then do this quiz again.

You can always retake the quiz if you feel you have made too many mistakes.

When you finished the first quiz, it’s time to move to the next part: Consonants. Try the quizzes one after another. Do not jump to the next before you finished the one before. Enjoy!

Quiz 2: Consonants

Quiz 3: Easy Combinations

Quiz 4: The Final Quiz – Chinese Pinyin

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  • […] Take the Lesson Table of Contents 1. What is pinyin? The Chinese alphabet 2. How many letters are there in the Chinese alphabet? 2.1. What are the alphabet and character in Chinese? 2.2. How does the Chinese alphabet – pinyin – work? 3. Is the Chinese alphabet (pinyin) hard to learn? 4. Why it’s wrong to spend so much time on the tones 5. A much easier way to show the pinyin chart: Chinese alphabet 5.1. These are the Chinese alphabets you should NOT learn: 5.2. The actual alphabets you should learn 6. Chinese alphabets pinyin: Vowels 7. Chinese alphabets pinyin -Consonants: 7.1. Pinyin: 4 Consonants you don’t know: j, q, x, r 7.2. Typical combination for the Chinese alphabet – vowels: 7.3. Typical combination for the Chinese alphabet – consonants: 8. Combinations that don’t exist in Chinese alphabet: 9. How to remember the Chinese alphabet fast? […]

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