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Chinese Grammar Featured Image
Chinese Grammar Featured Image

Chinese Grammar: Master with 4 Quizzes

Chinese grammar is much easier to learn with exercise. This is the first part. Start right here. Listen to the audio file and choose the correct answer.

Quiz 1: Do Statements

I do, I don’t, I did, I didn’t, she does, they do … If you can manage this one expression, you manage 40% of the entire language.

Quiz 2: Status Statements

Quiz 3: At Statements

Quiz 4: Number Statements

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Chi Zhang

A sinologist, anglicist, linguist, and a tech lover who lives in Berlin. Was once a manager, producer, school opener, language teacher, SEO agency owner, and marketing director.
She could be angry sometimes, especially about racism, but overall, she's a friendly person who's famous for her loud laughter.
Here's the place for her to express a new voice in the language world, a world dominated by the west.