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Learn Chinese by diving deep. Enjoy success each time you learn.

What is Deepling?

Deepling is a free online course to help everyone learn Chinese from scratch. After the first hour, you will be able to use an alphabet system to document in Chinese. It then provides a “blueprint” to help you build the sentences you want to say.

You want to learn Chinese by yourself and don’t know where to start. Even the beginner lessons seem to be too hard to follow through. It seems to be impossible to enjoy success because it doesn’t feel like you’ve truly learned anything.

A common problem with learning Chinese

Our solution: Learn well, not much.

You don’t need an impressive number of vocabulary. What you need is simple: To speak, understand, and be understood. For that purpose, we provide a “blueprint” for you to learn “Do, don’t, why, how, etc.” using the same words.

The art of designing a course is never about the amount – that’s gathering.
The art is finding the right things at the right time to learn. Then put them in an easily accessible structure.
That’s why we call it COURSE DESIGN.

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It is designed
for those without
prior Chinese knowledge.

Go Deeper, Not Wider

Learn Chinese fast? You may end up seemingly knowing everything but still can’t open your mouth or understand anything. We know it because this is what we’ve been working on for six years.

Deepling Home Featured Image Learn Chinese Deep

How to learn Chinese in 4 steps?

Step 1: Learn a “basic sentence”.

Step 2: Learn the blueprint.

Step 3: Take a quiz to remember the blueprint.

Step 4: Take a quiz with changed elements.

Why Deepling?

Because you won’t feel like giving up after 10 minutes. Deepling’s only goal is to make Chinese EASY to learn. We spent six years to design a course that NEVER requires prior knowledge to follow through. And you can start intuitively, like now. It’s free.

Colors, dimension, sizes

Chinese is the only language

We have no lessons for Spanish or German. Chinese is the only product by design, not a translated by-product from another language.

Describe feelings

Communication is the only goal

We all know setting 1000 goals leads to 0 results. Here we have one goal first: To communicate. This includes good oral Chinese and some written language.

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Beginners are the only students

Don’t know where to start? Here you do because it’s designed for beginners. We tell you where to start: It shouldn’t be your job. It’s our job.

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A Sinologist & Anglicist developer

Developed by a trilingual (Chinese, English, and German) sinologist and anglicist – who understands how languages work.

Learn what’s right, not what could be wrong.

Stop focusing on (possible) mistakes because it’s inevitable to make mistakes. When you learn a new language, it’s always better to make mistakes than not trying at all to avoid mistakes. We won’t focus on correcting you. We will focus on helping you gather enough rights to make it work!

Empathy: It’s about you!

It’s not about what I know, and it’s not even about what you should know.

Empathy is our No.1 value. I started the course with a picture in my head that someone has just decided to learn Chinese for the first time. During the development, I keep reminding myself of the time I first learned English (at 12) and German (at 20).

It’s ONLY AND ALWAYS about how you can get to know it and use it.

I remember how helpless I felt whenever a native speaker seemed to know EVERYTHING so effortlessly. I will always strive to make you feel proud of what you’ve just learned.
I will never take anything for granted, just because I happen to be a native speaker.

Who wrote this?

Chi Zhang

A sinologist, anglicist, linguist, and a tech lover who lives in Berlin. Was once a manager, producer, school opener, language teacher, SEO agency owner, and marketing director.
She could be angry sometimes, especially about racism, but overall, she's a friendly person who's famous for her loud laughter.
Here's the place for her to express a new voice in the language world, a world dominated by the west.